Compare the Environmental Impact
When comparing the environmental impact, or “carbon footprint”, bigger is not always better when dispatching equipment for the installation or service of underground utilities.  Sometimes the work only requires a bit more than is practical for a couple workers to do with a shovel.  With the high costs of labor, efficiency is vital.  We also do not want to down-play the ability of our machines to perform.  Go-For-Digger   backhoes are very strong and durable for their force-to-weight ratio.  (See the Specification Sheet)

Go-For-Digger   backhoes are towable at any state legal highway speed.  They do not require a trailer to be transported to the job site.  This alone eliminates a large portion of the resourses required to perform the task.  A heavy equipment trailer not only takes more fuel to transport, there is also a carbon footprint left behind by the manufacturing of the trailer.  In addition, there is the possible added cost to you of owning an extra trailer to transport smaller equipment.

We are not attempting to dispel the need for larger equipment for larger tasks.  Our product simply can be more cost effective when applied to the appropriate situation, and show environmental responsibility to those you serve.  A Go-For-Digger  backhoe  is not necessarily a “green machine”, but we believe it can be utilized to establish an overall environmentally friendly process to your operation.