Go-For-Digger 6L
Backhoe Specifications
Overall Weight
Hydraulic pressure
Maximum Digging Force
A.  * Transport Height
C.  * Ground Clearance
(from lowest point)
E.  Unit Width
F.  Digging Depth Max.
G.  Digging Depth, 7.5 ft.
flat bottom
J.  Operating Height, fully raised
K.  Loading Height
L.  Loading Reach
M.  Reach from Swing Pivot
P.  Bucket Rotation
Q.  Swing Arc
R.  Stabilizer Spread
Operating position
Total Length in Towing Position
* Standard tire
2,800 lbs
2,500 psi
4,500 lbs
90 in

77.5 in
108 in

102 in
110 in
6 ft
59 in
142 in
180 degree
145 degree

80 in
168 in
New Boom Design with longer reach allows
easier loading of excess material for disposal.